UNI, GO Be Creative

Creativity is not limited to any one specific field. No matter the career path a student takes, creative ideas and solutions will always be valuable. UNI Panthers of all majors, students and faculty both, have the opportunity to show off their creative thinking by entering the UNIGO Video Competition. Inspired by OK GO’s upcoming performance at the GBPAC, this contest is open to all UNI groups and departments who want to register a team. The suggested size is 3 to 4 people, but there is no limit.

OK GO is a band famous for their quirky and creative music videos. They often utilize technology, like treadmills in the famous 2006 video for “Here It Goes Again,” to perform complex routines or add interesting elements to their videos. The 2016 video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” featured the band singing and performing various actions in microgravity. The videos often feature long, one-take shots, but students entering the UNIGO competition will not be required to produce their short (15 seconds to 2 minute) videos in a single shot, nor will they be expected to. Rod Library staff created their own video (https://youtu.be/1GNtPRj310c) which they hope will encourage groups across campus to participate.

Using a Ramps & Pathways kit (provided) and any custom props of the groups’ choice, students and faculty alike will embark on creating a video representative of their group and inspired by the videos of OK GO. The videos must include movement. Teams will only have 3 hours to create and film, but do not worry. Teams can contact the Regent's Center for Early Developmental Education (https://regentsctr.uni.edu/) to schedule a time to practice prior to their actual build time, and teams can edit their videos up until midnight, Friday, April 12, 2019, which is the time by which videos must have been shared with the judges.

Other resources will also be offered. Teams can use phones to film, or they can get a camera on loan from the UNI Production House. If they want to use a green screen or get technological advice, the Digital Media Hub will provide assistance. The Free Sound Project (https://freesound.org/) is suggested for finding music or sound effects.

The winning team will receive four free tickets to OK GO’s performance and selected videos will be played in the lobby of the GBPAC before the concert.

Find additional information and register your team at https://stemed.uni.edu/unigo. The time leader will receive additional instructions and can apply for a build time during the week of April 2nd. The event is sponsored by the Iowa Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education, Rod Library, STEM at UNI, and Gallagher Bluedorn.


Brooke Wiese, UNI STEM Graduate Assistant