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Experiences in Inquiry

Experiences in Inquiry participants using sun globes to explore reasons for seasons.

In the Experiences in Inquiry workshop temperature is the context to explore science as inquiry. Participants become novice weather forecasters and conduct exploratory surface temperature investigations during this two-day workshop. Set in the UNI STORM lab, participants use real time and historical weather data to collect evidence about what the future temperature may be. Then they must make sense of this evidence to predict the next day's high and low for assigned Midwest cities. A presentation template helps keep participants focused on their evidence and models how the use of classroom technology can contribute to or distract from learning. A webquest is used throughout the two-days to connect experiences completing investigations to the 5 Essential features of Inquiry. Experiences in Inquiry is an IMPACT workshop from IETTI at UNI and funded by Title IIA/B.

Posted: 06-30-14

Camp Multimedia

Three Camp Multimedia campers in the green screen room.

Camp Multimedia campers spent the week using green screens, sound boards, video cameras, and other digital technology to create their own projects.

Camp Multimedia was open to campers entering 7th to 10th grades. This and other UNI STEM camps are sponsored in part by Iowa NSF EPSCoR.

Posted: 06-30-14

Cookies, Games, and Websites

Cookies, Websites, and Games Campers collaborate in Minecraft.

Cookies, Games, and Websites campers spent most of their week in the penthouse (top floor) of the UNI Innovative Teaching Technology Center touring server rooms, investigating how much data is collected and where it is distributed as they visit popular websites and play common PC and android games, and learning how to protect their personal information in cyberspace. Campers learned how to build a home server and ended the week collaborating virtually with a Minecraft party. As the Internet of Things becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, all of us will need to be more and more diligent about our personal information yet remain open to the benefits of new technology.


Cookies, Games, and Websites campers were entering 7th to 12th grade. This and other UNI STEM Camps are sponsored by Iowa - NFS EPSCoR.

Posted: 06-23-14

Scientific Thought and Motion Camp

Scientific Thought and Motion campers mirror each others movements in this dance skills development game.

Communication is an important skill in all of the STEM fields. The campers of Scientific Thought and Motion camp develop communication skills through dance. Campers gained control and discipline by playing movement games, like the Mirror Game pictured to the right, and researched the water cycle. Then, in small groups, the campers choreographed their own dances to explain a part of the water cycle. Campers performed for each other, provided comments and then adapted their dances to improve meaning. Communicating in a variety of ways can bring a new depth of understanding to the presenter and the audience.

The Scientific Thought and Motion two-day camp took place at the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center in June. Campers entering grades 4 through 6 shared their accomplishments with family and friends at the end of the camp. This and other UNI STEM Camps are sponsored by Iowa - NSF EPSCoR.

Posted: 06-23-14

Exploring the Tall Grass Prairie Camp

Exploring the Tall Grass Prairie through Art and Science Campers document their discoveries using hand held devices.

UNI STEM Day Camps provide students entering 2nd to 12th grade with fun and creative learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom. The camps are an opportunity for campers to explore interests that may become life-long hobbies or lead to careers, make new friends, and develop self-confidence. Exploring the Tall Grass Prairie through Art and Science is no exception. Documenting observations, comparing and contrasting, and discovering patterns in nature are important skills to a scientist. Exploring the Tall Grass Prairie campers spent the third week of June building these and other skills. Campers wrote, drew, and used digital photography to document their adventures. Tablets and smart phones provide a way to take photos and research without having to leave the prairie.


The Exploring the Tall Grass Prairie through Art and Science Camp was open to children entering 2nd to 6th grade and sponsored by Iowa - NSF EPSCoR.

Posted: 06-23-14


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