2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Iowa Regional Lunch Order

Posted on Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Opening Soon!

Hello Teams! Please submit this form once per team to order lunch tickets for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and cases of soda/bottled water delivered to the Dome on Thursday.


  • Lunches must be pre-ordered and pre-paid.
  • Complete this form, print your confirmation email and send with check (made out to the University of Northern Iowa) by March 16 and payment must be received by March 20, 2020.
  • Be sure to SUBMIT this form. You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes of submission, check your junk folder, and then contact us immediately. Your submission may not have been received.


  • Lunch will be served buffet style.
  • Each lunch ticket is $10.00 and includes one trip down the buffet line and a bottle of water.
  • Envelopes with your team lunch tickets will be delivered on Thursday morning.
  • Additional cases of bottled water (24 bottles, @ $24.00/case) and 12 packs of Coke Products (@ $12.00/pack) may be purchased for delivery on Thursday at noon.
  • For dietary restrictions, please contact us or use concessions (see below).



  • Concessions will also be available. See the bottom of this order form for information about concessions times and options and other local dining options.
  • On Thursday, the Cedar Valley Society of Women Engineers are hosting a taco-bar luncheon for female team members.  This event is free.  Registration is required and space is limited.  Learn more and register here.  Secure your female members a space at this event by registering now and take the confirmed SWE Luncheon tickets into account as you plan for the rest of your team's Thursday lunches.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed in the UNI Dome or McLeod Center.
  • No outside food may be delivered to McLeod or the Dome.
  • Questions? Contact Jenessa Troyer, jenessa.troyer@uni.edu.

Required Team Information

Please provide the FULL NAME for the person who should be contacted about lunch orders.
Email confirmation and instruction for sending in payment will be sent to this email address.

Thursday Lunch Orders

Teams may order cases of water (24 packs) and/or soda (12 packs) for delivery on Thursday as an alternative to consessions.

$10.00 each
$10.00 each, please use this field to order vegetarian option meals. The vegetarian option menu will be decided by catering based on count.
$12.00 Each
$12.00 Each
$12.00 Each
$12.00 Each
$12.00 Each
$12.00 Each
$24.00 Each

Friday Lunch

$10.00 each
$10.00 each, use this option to select Vegetarian Lasagna with tossed salad and breadstick

Saturday Lunch

$10.00 each
$10.00 each, please use this field to order vegetarian option meals. The vegetarian option menu will be decided by catering based on count.


Event Concessions

Additional dining options include Concession in the McLeod Center. Concessions will be open on Thursday from 11:00 am to TBA, Friday from noon to the end of Closing Ceremonies, and Saturday from 12:30 to TBA. Concessions options include: 

A variety of concessions available from $3.50-$7.00.












UNI Dining Center and other Local Dining Options

Piazza, UNI's South Dinning Center, is open Thursday and Friday from 11:15am - 1:15pm and Saturday from 11:30am-1:15pm with an all-you-can eat menu that includes multiple serving stations (pizza, subs, home favorites, salad bar, tacos, stirfry, waffels, more).  Lunch tickets can be purchased at the door with cash.  The cost for lunch is $10.75/person ($8.75 for ages 5-11).  

Many other dining options are available near McLeod! Pre-order subs, pizza, or other food on the Hill. Maucker Union Food Court is open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm daily and offers many take out options. For more dining ideas, including options close to your hotel, visit the Cedar Valley Visitors website dining suggestions for Cedar Falls and Waterloo.  Please note that no outside food may be carried into or delivered to the UNI Dome or McLeod Center.  Outside food may be brought in and delivered the WRC (Wellness and Recration Center) Building, DURING THE FRC SOCIAL ONLY.