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Challenged and Having Fun -- A Student Profile

Alexis Steinlage is a Math Education student.With aspirations of making math fun and easy to kids in low income areas, Alexis Steinlage came to UNI in the Fall of 2016 ready to be challenged and have some fun.  Her dreams of becoming a teacher started in 7th grade when she was inspired by her Algebra I teacher, Ms. Kuene, and wanted to bring math to others in the same way. Being from Decorah, Alexis was enthusiastic to be a part of UNI not only because it was close to home but because it has a great education program and it is easy to navigate the campus.   This is a good thing as her route takes her to classes,  work at the Piazza Dining Center, and back to her dormitory, Noehren Hall. 

Alexis has dived into her coursework at UNI.  She is enjoying her classes.   She says that when she goes to class she challenges her brain to “learn something new and broaden my horizons.  Every time that I feel I am struggling, there are classmates and professors there to help.”  Her favorite class, Discrete and Argumentative Math with Professor Stanley, is extremely interactive and fun to attend.  She feels that she is learning more about mathematic proofs than she has in  previous courses. 

If you are heading to the Piazza Dining Center, be sure to try out her favorite — “anything from the Wok”.  Many people stay away from the fabulous stir-fry area because they may not understand how to order, but Alexis says “risk it, because it may be the most delicious thing you have ever eaten.”

Taking a break from the fun for a picture at UNI's Dance Marathon.

Alexis’s volunteer work includes the Noehren Hall Senate Executive Board, where she is the secretary,  Noehren Hall is known for its Haunted House, generally the weekend before Halloween, which raises money for the local food bank.  To keep apprised of when it is this year, follow their Facebook page Hall decorated with Spider Webs and Caskets for the Annual Haunted House Fundraiser.

UNI’s Dance Marathon (DM) gives Alexis a reason to sport fun attire such as a tutu and get her hair cut so that it could be  donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  A student run organization, UNI DM raises money for the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City as well as the Children’s Miracle Network.

Outside of her classes, work, and volunteer efforts you may find Alexis at TEAM2, Navigators, watching some Netflix, or with a book.  Or she may be with some friends making frequent Target runs.  Alexis’s advise to students thinking about pursuing a STEM education is “understanding it is hard… you must persevere, because after you have beat that challenge, the feeling is glorious.”


Ginger L'Heureux, UNI STEM Graduate Assistant

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