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Dr. Sebree: From NASA to UNI

17 years ago, Dr. Joshua Sebree watched in awe as his 8th grade science teacher conducted an experiment. As the teacher filled a glass beaker with water and held a piece of sodium over the opening, he said, “This is too much, probably,” and dropped the piece of sodium into the beaker. He took a step back, the sodium and water created an exothermic reaction too big for the small beaker to handle and the entire beaker exploded. 17 years later, Dr.

Pre-Professional Clubs

With over 250 student organizations on UNI’s campus, it is no surprise that it can be quite overwhelming at times for students to find an organization that is the right fit for them. From philanthropic organizations to ones dedicated to fostering panther pride, the list of groups a student can join can seem daunting. Fortunately, for students looking at a future in the medical sciences, nine pre-professional organizations hold regular meetings at UNI and exist to prepare students for their future career in their respective field. These organizations include:


As an elementary student, Samuel Kapler, now a senior math education major, was big into math and could often times be found teaching his younger cousins how to do math problems. However, as he grew up and his world expanded, a career in math education wasn’t something that was on his mind.

Early Life Experiences Inspire Career Choices

Personal experience introduced Jess Reuter to Speech Pathology at a young age.  While Jess was in second grade, a friend suffered several medical events, which resulted in a coma.  “Once out of the coma, she could not walk, talk, or even eat; she had to learn how to do all those basic tasks again. The strange medical events happened again when we were in 7th grade, but this time I had a better understanding of what was going on.”

PIEER Sustainability

       There is a new initiative at UNI. The Provost and Executive Vice President’s Office at the University of Northern Iowa is pleased to announce a new collaborative initiative entitled, the Provost’s Initiative for Environmental Equity and Resilience, PIEER.

Jacob Snyder– Well Rounded and Ready to Pursue any Career Path

UNI’s Mathematics Department has a rich history in mathematics education as well as a nationally acclaimed program in actuarial science. Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions. Jacob Snyder, a Junior, is an Actuarial Science and Finance major. Jacob always had an interest and aptitude for math when he was young. He knew that his future career would have something to do with math. What he didn’t know was that actuarial science would become the perfect combination he was looking for.

Allison Wold—Making an Impact at UNI

Allison Wold is a Junior at the University of Northern Iowa. Allison studies Biochemistry and Biology. ”In junior high I was in an after school STEM program, The Iowa Excellence Program, and I had a lot of fun doing science experiments and playing math games. In high school I really enjoyed biology and chemistry, so biochemistry seemed like the perfect fit.”

Regents Center for Early Developmental Education

Now that you are familiar with Dr. Beth VanMeeteren, whose story we featured on Wednesday, let’s take a look at early childhood resources at UNI. The Regents Center for Early developmental Education and CEE STEM are full of opportunities and resources for UNI students and Iowa educators. The Regents’ Center offers high quality professional development to childcare providers, child development center directors, preschool educators and directors, and K-3 teachers and administrators.


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