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Unraveling the enigma of life in universe

When he enrolled in Purdue University for his doctoral studies, after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Dr. Joshua Sebree hoped to study meteorites. There was one problem, though: the faculty member working on meteorites was not accepting any new students.
Fortunately, there was another professor who was using physical and organic chemistry methods to study gases in the atmosphere of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

FIRST Robotics Competition comes to UNI

Mark your calendar. March 24-26, 2016. The UNI campus will be abuzz with robots as the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Iowa Regional  gets under way at the McLeod Center and the UNI Dome.


FRC won’t be quite like Real Steel, the 2011 Hollywood science-fiction sports drama starring Hugh Jackman. No, there will be no Atom and Zeus fighting it out in the boxing ring.


However, there will be robots trying to breach their opponents’ defense and capture their towers.


Looking at life through evolution lens

Nicole Hindman has always had a passion for learning about animals, plants, and insects. When in high school, she first learned about the Theory of Evolution; it gave her “a lens to appreciate life at a deeper level.” The decision to major in biology, with an emphasis on ecology and evolution, was thus easy to make.
The decision to enroll in the University of Northern Iowa wasn’t too difficult, either. She found the atmosphere “very welcoming” when she visited UNI.

Dream defined in diversity

It all started with a couple of short and simple questions: Who decides what we get and what we do not get?
“I have always been a curvy girl,” says Keyaira Phillips. “So, before it was ‘in’ to be curvy, I had the hardest time finding in Waterloo/Cedar Falls areas a selection of clothes that were trendy and cute, and that fit.”
Of course, Phillips did not know then that “there were actual buyers and teams that pick out clothing assortments and that what was available varied per locations/regions.” However, she knew one thing for sure.

Iowa Academy of Science

Sitting on campus, right across University Ave. from central campus, is a hidden treasure in the state of Iowa. Tucked away in the Biology Research Complex on the Southwest corner of College Street and University Avenue is the Iowa Academy of Science. Founded in 1875, the Academy provides a venue for scientists & engineers in the state to meet and share their research.

Meeting the Needs of Students

A common question heard from undergraduate students today is “What is the point?” From questioning their parents to questioning an instructor, students today seek validity in what they are spending their time doing. Students want to know that what they are spending their time on in the classroom is worthwhile and not just a time filler to get to the end of the semester.

Transferring with Ease

Each year, hundreds of students transfer to the University of Northern Iowa to continue their education at this institution. In fact, this year alone, 978 students made the decision to transfer after previously completing coursework at a different college or university. In 2013, Benjamin Nettleton decided that UNI was the right fit for him and made the transition to life at a 4-year college after completing his associate’s degree at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City, Iowa.

Leland Wilson Lecture Series

Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Leland Wilson, a professor of chemistry, was selected as the first head of the University of Northern Iowa’s newly established Department of Chemistry. While he was head of the department, the American Chemical Society accredited the undergraduate chemistry curriculum at UNI. During his 24 years of teaching at UNI, Wilson continually looked for opportunities to help students succeed and share his love of chemistry with them.

Today's Dreams, Tomorrow's Reality

Derek Bradley, a senior biology major with a minor in chemistry, has his mind set on the future. With many of college students still trying to figure out what classes they will be taking next semester, Bradley is thinking far ahead of his peers, having already been accepted to medical school for the fall 2016 semester at Des Moines University. He is waiting on decisions from the University of Iowa, Creighton University and Mayo Medical School before making his final decision as to where to further his education next fall.


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