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Research that Rocks

Faith Luce is double majoring in Earth Science and Environmental Science with a minor in Geology and is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa. She began working on undergraduate research last summer after learning about the opportunity on the Facebook page for the Earth and Environmental Science department at UNI.

“I saw at the beginning of summer that Dr. Heinzel needed somebody to come in and help him with some research, so I emailed him about it. We got started in the summer and just kinda ran from there. I fell in love with the research and we really made it grow.”

Coding Across Disciplines

UNI offers a wealth of research opportunities for undergraduates, both during the school year and as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). SURP allows undergraduate students to work closely with a professor  on a scientific research project over 10 weeks. The SURP students are paid for their research work.

Finding Her Environment

Sometimes it takes just one event to change the course of someone’s future. According to Lily Conrad, this was definitely the case when it came to her education. Lily, now a senior and an Environmental Science major, came to the University of Northern Iowa to study Exercise Science.

Aiming High

Taylor Harris has had quite an adventure so far at UNI. She originally came to the university seeking a degree in Chemistry Teaching, but her focus slowly shifted. She also loved physics in high school and decided she might want to study it more. She did not change her major at first. Instead, she added Physics Teaching as a second major. Then she eventually stopped pursuing a degree in Chemistry. Now, she is working on a BS in Physics and a teaching degree. 

Calculating Her Future

Marnie Hoefler, sophomore and STEM ambassador, came to the University of Northern Iowa knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She declared her major as Statistics and Actuarial Science. This is a field which involves gathering and making sense of data, as well as using math to predict risk.

The Appeal of Apparel

Allison Williams, a UNI STEM ambassador, is a senior in the Textiles and Apparel program at the University of Northern Iowa. However, she was not always looking at that field of study. After 2 years of studying in the medical field, Allison decided she wanted to pursue something more creative.

“My sister had gone through the Textiles and Apparel program and told me to look into it,” she explained. “I liked that there was a mix of both science and creativity. I decided to try it and I never left!”

A Fulfilling Future

Jaclyn Miller is a University of Northern Iowa Junior in Mathematics Education.  In 3rd grade she decided that she wanted to be a teacher.  “Many kids want to be teachers when they are little.  Many grow out of this.  I never did,” Jaclyn said. 

She came to UNI because she liked the size and felt very comfortable when she came for a campus visit.  She wanted a school larger than her high school but not so big that she felt like she would get lost in a crowd.  UNI has given her this and so much more.

Pushing Her Limits

Undergraduate research has played a key role in the experience and success of University of Northern Iowa senior Nicole Bishop.  For the past two years Nicole has worked with Dr. Joshua Sebree in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.  Nicole enjoys planning and conducting the experiments.  Their project seeks to replicate components of Titan’s atmosphere.  Titan is one of Saturn’s moons. 

Ocean Adventurer

Emma Shipley Hiking Seven Sisters near Dover, UKEmma Shipley, a senior Biochemistry major, is near the end of her education at the University of Northern Iowa.  She has had many challenges and adventures at UNI and will soon be on a new adventure.  The question of what do you want to be when you grow up is one of the most common questions asked.


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