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Programs, events, and resources for K-12 students and their families.

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Welcome to the STEM at UNI website, portal to all things science, technology, engineering and mathematics related at the University of Nothern Iowa. Use the menu to the left to navigate. Many links will connect you to STEM content within other sections of the UNI website. Bookmark Please submit comments and suggestions through our contact page. 




Adding Up to Her Dream Job -- First Generation Series (4 of 4)

If you want to be a teacher, then the University of Northern Iowa is the best school.  This is what one of Zulema Argueta’s high school teachers told her when she started to consider becoming a math teacher.  She visited the UNI campus during her sophomore year of high school and her decision was made.  Zulema loved the campus, especially the size.  It is a big university, but not too big.  It has been is the perfect fit for her.

Defending Networks -- First Generation Series (3 of 4)

Cyber Defense.  Seems like something we only see in the movies or hear on the news.  Students at the University of Northern Iowa are honing their skills to combat real-life cyber attacks.  The UNI’s Cyber Defense Team came in 2nd place in the 2016 Argonne National Lab’s National Cyber Defense Competition near Chicago, Illinois.  Sheriff Jorkeh, a first generation college student, is a part of this successful team.

Art Serving A Larger Purpose

Iowa Association of Energy Efficiency Scholarship Winner and UNI Interior Design Student Kimberly Wilderdyke, has plans to take her love of HGTV and art to serve a larger purpose.  Originally from Adel, Iowa, she has always really liked art.  She has been watching HGTV since she was about 7, because it interested her.  Watching HGTV started as a guilty pleasure, but has transformed into what she would like to do with her life — using her artistic talents to create impactful spaces for people to live, work, and be educated.  Interior Design is a form of art.  Kimberly, will bring Interior De

Investigating Defects in Metal Castings, REAP-STEM Apprenticeship

This project will be an investigation of metal penetration defects commonly associated with iron castings.  Conceptually, I would like the student to make the molds, probably 24-32 molds, for the investigations along with associated cores.  They would assist in pouring the metal and be responsible for the chemical analysis.  Afterwards, they will have to section the castings in half for visual analysis.  The really cool part will be the final analysis where the student will use a laser scanning coordinate measuring machine to develop a contour map of the castings.  

Computer Modeling of Internal Cell Functions, REAP-STEM Apprenticeship

I use computer modeling and image processing to understand how things work or move inside a living cell. I use math and physics to investigate biological systems and to explain what biologist observe inside the laboratory.  If you have a passion for programming, physics and biology altogether my group will be an excellent match for doing summer research.

Apply to be a REAP-STEM Apprentice

Making Her Own Path -- First Generation Series (1 of 4)

Graduation will be here soon.  Biology and Environmental Health senior, Ameera Tahir, wants to make the most of the time she has left on campus.  She would like to see herself get more involved, go to more sporting events, and join a club.  But finding the time to do all these things is difficult.  After graduation, Ameera hopes to work for the local or state health department.  She would like to work one or two years before pursuing a Master’s Degree.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence of UAVs, REAP-STEM Apprenticeship

This summer we will be investigating how machine learning and artificial intelligence can work with autonomous systems to solve problems in sensor networks.  In particular, students will research how machine learning can process data captured from an unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV or "drone") to make decisions in real time and adjust the UAV's flight path.  Activities for the student may include assembling embedded sensors and UAVs, piloting UAVs to gather data, writing scripts to organize large amounts of data, and creating programs to use data to make decisions and pilot the UAV.  Most


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