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Aldo Leopold Distinguished Lecture Series

In 2018-2019, hundreds of students, faculty, and members of the community attended lectures focused on our relationship with the natural world. This was the first year of the Aldo Leopold Distinguished Lecture Series. The success of the series is thanks in large part to the diverse range of faculty and staff that worked on the committee to bring a variety of lecturers from different fields and backgrounds to the University of Northern Iowa.  

Finding Her Environment

Lily ConradSometimes it takes just one event to change the course of someone’s future. According to Lily Conrad, this was definitely the case when it came to her education. Lily, now a senior and an Environmental Science major, came to the University of Northern Iowa to study Exercise Science.

Aiming High

Taylor HarrisTaylor Harris has had quite an adventure so far at UNI. She originally came to the university seeking a degree in Chemistry Teaching, but her focus slowly shifted. She also loved physics in high school and decided she might want to study it more. She did not change her major at first. Instead, she added Physics Teaching as a second major.

Calculating Her Future

Marnie HoeflerMarnie Hoefler, sophomore and STEM ambassador, came to the University of Northern Iowa knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She declared her major as Statistics and Actuarial Science. This is a field which involves gathering and making sense of data, as well as using math to predict risk.

The Appeal of Apparel

Allison WilliamsAllison Williams, a UNI STEM ambassador, is a senior in the Textiles and Apparel program at the University of Northern Iowa. However, she was not always looking at that field of study. After 2 years of studying in the medical field, Allison decided she wanted to pursue something more creative.

Synthesis of Diruthenium Complexes, REAP Apprentice

This project involves the synthesis of diruthenium complexes that can be used to probe the possible intermediates in the C-H bond activation of alkanes. The precursor complexes to be synthesized are alkyl complexes with two ruthenium metal centers. The characterization of the precursor complexes will use 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The REAP-STEM student will learn how to acquire and interpret this spectroscopic data. This Chemistry REAP Apprentice must be 16 years or older at the start of the research project (by June 10, 2019). 


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